A Guide to Buying Your First Home

Buying your first new home is always a very exciting prospect. However, your excitement might turn into a nightmare if you do not make the right choice. So, when you look for homes for sale in Perth, you need to have a personal checklist and evaluate the property depending on your liking as well as its commercial viability in case you ever need to sell or mortgage it in the future.


A Guide to Buying Your First HomeThe kind of home

Your checklist should include the kind of home you want to live in. You have numerous choices when it comes to homes for sale Perth – condos, townhouses, apartments, villas, country homes, mansions and so much more.

Decide whether you want a single storeyed, duplex or a split level home. What should be the ideal size of the home and the number of rooms? Do you like a porch? Does the house have space for adding a few rooms in case you want to renovate?

Safety measures in the home or building are crucial. Check whether the home is safe for living.

Always consult with your spouse and children before buying a home because the place needs to be satisfactory for everybody who resides in it. Set your budget and shop accordingly.



A home that is cheap but forces you to spend too much time and money on travel because of its distance from places you frequent is really not a good choice. Over time, you will end up spending more money on travelling than you would have paid on a home that is located closer to the places you visit frequently.

The home should be at a convenient distance from schools, hospitals, a few recreation centres, transportation facilities and other basic requirements.

Secondly, visit the town planner’s office and request for a map of the city that includes plans of development. Select an area that is in line for development in the near future. You can find homes for sale in Perth at reasonable prices in these areas and when development begins, the value of your home will increase manifold.


Legal matters

While analysing homes for sale in Perth, always pay a lot of attention to legal matters, else you could end up buying an illegal construction. Be aware of the building and construction laws. Check whether the home adheres to all legal regulations. Obtain all the proofs, permits and documents required for ownership.


Check out the liveability quotient

Before buying your first home, spend some time in it and evaluate its “liveability” quotient. The place should have adequate sun light, ventilation and should present a good ambiance. You home is your resort at the end of the day. So, it needs to be liveable.

Keep these aspects in mind when you shop for Perth homes for sale.