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What happens if you change your mind?

Cancellations Policy Information

Once you have agreed to the house design, the inclusions, your required variations, your site works allowance estimate and the overall quotation an Aveling Homes Sales and Design Associate will ask you to sign a Pre Construction Contract. This process is the standard practice within the West Australian home building industry.

If at a later stage you choose to cancel the Pre Construction Contract you will need to provide a finance decline letter from your finance lender and not a finance broker.

Cancellations Policy New Home Builds

The finance decline letter will need to stipulate the purpose of the loan application and the amount that has been applied for. The amount applied for must not exceed the total amount as stipulated in the Pre Construction Contract document. The finance decline letter must be provided to Aveling Homes via email with 48 hours of Aveling Homes having been notified of your intention to cancel the Pre Construction Contract.

The finance decline letter must include the finance lenders application number and the letter must be dated.


As the client, if you are unable to provide Aveling Homes with the above finance decline letter then you may be required to pay additional costs over and above the original “fee” that was paid at the Pre Construction Contract stage. Depending upon the stage that has been reached at the date of the cancellation of the Pre Construction Contract you may be required to pay an additional amount  of “up to $3,500.00” in order to cover the full Pre Construction Contract costs.

If you have signed a HIA Lump sum building contract then further costs may apply.

Clients who wish to re-sign a new Pre Construction Contract within three years of the cancellation date of their current Pre Construction Contract will be offered a “no questions asked” discount that is equivalent to the cancellation costs paid by the client with respect to their current Pre Construction Contract. Note: Subject to the client having paid the invoice for the additional cancellation costs.


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