New Home Trends – Most Popular Features

New Home Trends – Most Popular FeaturesThere is a surge of new build homes in Australia. When it comes to a home for sale Perth,buyers have become smarter. McMansions and costly fixtures that were once must-haves are losing popularity. The home buyers are looking for houses that are trendy and utilitarian.


Multi-taskers in demand

When it comes to home for sale Perth,buyers adopt flexibility as the new motto. It means rooms that have multiple uses or homes that have enough space for ageing parents or adult ‘boomerang’ kids coming back to live with you. The home should be built in such a way that the adult generations do not infringe on each other’s privacy.


Accessibility is key

If you are going to grow old in the home or have old parents, then accessibility is important. This is true not only for Perth homes for sale but for homes all over the country. It would mean a single-storied house, bathrooms with grab bars, lesser number of stairs and planning for wheelchair ramps.


Homes that complement your lifestyle

The design should complement the lifestyle and needs of the owners. This could mean a laundry room adjoining the master bedroom, or pantries next to the garage to store bulk items or something as small as a place next to the kitchen to keep keys and mobile phones.


Open house

This makes a home look larger. When it comes to a home for sale, Perth is experiencing a preference for fewer or movable walls, giving open line of sight or a room that let’s in plenty of natural light.


Small is popular

There is a growing preference for small and affordable plots as construction and maintenance of large homes is expensive.


Rooting for natural look

Besides the backyard, how the windows are located, closeness to a park or a central quad are among ways of accessing outdoors. There is also a growing demand for natural substitutes of chemical and synthetic construction materials and paints.


Unblemished ceilings are in

When it comes to a home for sale, Perth and other cities are observing a rejection of the pockmarked ceiling cluttered with lights, smoke detectors and all kinds of things.


Prefabs are in style

Buyers are exploring pre-fabrication as an option. This is because pre-engineered building material speeds up construction.


Garage getting bigger

A big garage can help unclutter the house by being storeroom for all family members, from the kid’s tricycle to grandfather’s golf cart. It can even have a sofa, TV and your exercise equipment.


Going down

When it comes to houses for sale, Perth WA, there is an increasing demand for basements among the financially well-off. The cost of constructing a basement is nearly half of buying a piece of land of the same size. Basements have multiple uses such as ‘man caves’ or media rooms.

Home trends keep changing with times and budgets. But value for money and functionality are among constants that transcend these variables.