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Price Hold Policy

Price Hold Policy For New Homes

Aveling Homes will sell you a new home that is based upon the known costs of the day, from product costs through to labour costs. Appreciating your need for certainty, Aveling Homes will secure your sign up price for a period of 180 days from the date that we received your Pre Construction Fee.

During this period of 180 days the builder and the client will need to achieve the following:

  1. Receipt of the building approval from the relevant Shire
  2. Receipt of the land settlement document
  3. Receipt of unconditional finance advice from the lender
  4. Receipt of the signed final documentation. Final documents refer to the documentation that incorporates all of the prestart changes 
Price Hold Policy for new homes

Once all the above requirements have been received by the builder, the builder will then calculate the number of days from when the completed Pre-construction Agreement and Preconstruction Fee were received by the builder to the date that the final required document was received.

If the number of days exceeds 180 days and the costs threshold have been exceeded then Aveling Homes will apply a price increase. In the event that a price increase is applied a variation will be required to be signed by the client prior to the job being submitted to the Construction Department.

180 day price hold on new homes

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