Just as the old saying goes; you CAN do more with less. 

The demand to fit bigger homes on smaller blocks continues to rise, and it’s a trend we’re completely here for! 

Long, skinny, spacious (and not to mention incredibly cosy) – our SKINNIES range proves that a narrow block is never a barrier to having ALL the space you’ll ever need in a home. 

Home is your special place, and that means it’s how you want it to be. Whether your family is growing, you’re craving sublime upstairs views, or you’re looking for a secluded spot to quietly sit down with a good book, we all need that little bit of extra space sometimes. 

Setting the industry standard for an entirely new generation of building in Australia, it’s why the two-storey SKINNIES range embodies anything BUT a ‘One size fits all’ style. 

Perhaps you’re looking for an ‘upside down’ style home (with bedrooms downstairs and living spaces upstairs), need to have three or four bedrooms, love having heaps of storage space or even a cosy courtyard? You might’ve also dreamt of a certain look/style for your street elevation to suit your personal style.

To this we say, Why not! We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. 

Specially designed with rear laneway loaded lots (Garage space), the homes use the very best of Australian-made building products, and scream affordability. You could purchase a SKINNIES home for a price which better matches your budget (especially in comparison to a regular two-storey home). 

It’s all about maximising space without sacrificing quality, and our SKINNIES are great for all kinds of block sizes and shapes, ranging from 10m wide, to some as narrow as 4.5m. 

The SKINNIES use boundary to boundary construction designs; a rare feat which is testament to our status as one original select pioneers of spacious narrow lot homes in Western Australia. 


SKINNIES won the HIA small lot housing award in 2017

Skinnies are designed for boundary to boundary blocks, that allow the owner to maximise the available space

4.5m, 6.0m and 7.5m are the most common block widths for SKINNIES designed lots in WA