2 things you need to know about display homes Perth

House and land packages are becoming increasingly popular in Western Australia, with many families opting to purchase land and then build a custom-made property on the plot. Many home developers also offer a number of “standard” homes that can be chosen to be built on the land, although these will range in price depending on the size of the property and other design features. Visiting a show home can be a great way to see the different options available to you as a new home builder, with many of these located throughout the city of Perth. Because these show homes are fully furnished, you will be able to see what it would be like to purchase a home and land package, and you can discuss payment options with sales staff on the site. Here are some benefits to visiting display homes Perth before you commit to a land and home package.


2 things you need to know about display homes Perth


1. Visiting a show home

A show home will allow you to get a feel of the size of the home, and has a number of benefits when compared to looking at photos of the property either online or in sales literature from the home developer.

+ You will be able to walk around the house and see which design features you like if you are intending to build a custom-made home on a plot of land, for example a kitchen in a particular style or sliding doors that lead out to the back garden.

+ You will also be able to speak directly with sales staff about the options available to you as a home builder. These can include different home and land packages that suit your budget, as well as home finance options.

+ If you are happy to commit to a package like this after visiting a display home, you will be able to sit down with sales staff on the day and provide them with the necessary information.


2. Purchasing a show house

Once a home builder has built all the new homes on a particular site, they will usually sell any display homes to members of the public, sometimes for a reduced cost. This is because the home developer wants to move off the site as quickly as possible, and once all homes have been built, they can move on to another site and build new homes.

+ Another benefit in purchasing a show home is that it is usually fully furnished, and you will be able to move in as-is, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on home improvement and the costs involved in decorating the property.

+ Some of the equipment you can expect to find in a show home includes sofas, beds, tables and chairs, as well as decorative pieces, photo frames, and mirrors. The show house will often have flooring in every room (carpet, hard wood flooring), as well as other decorative features (wallpaper, canvas art).

+ When purchasing a show home, you may have to pay a small premium if the home developer is willing to leave all furniture and fixtures in the home, although you will be able to negotiate.