The Most Common Questions asked by our customers

Aveling Homes is a stand-alone West Australian owned building company that was founded by Michael Aveling. Michael previously served with the ABN Group for 17 years.

Aveling Homes has been operating since 2008. During that time, we have sold and constructed several thousand homes.

Aveling Homes is the registered builder. We are not a marketing front.

Aveling Homes is a long-standing member of the Housing Industry Association, Australia’s largest residential housing association. We are proud to declare that we have won numerous HIA awards for the quality of our construction.

When estimating your project costs, Aveling Homes will obtain a quotation for the demolition of the existing property, if this is required. If you organise your own demolition, you will need to ensure that the demolition and general site clearance has been done to the builders required standard.

No. Aveling Homes specialises in the construction of new homes only. We will leave the renovations and additions to those who specialise in that arena.

Aveling Homes designs and builds single storey homes. We also do unit developments for investors. Due to the diversity of our product, you can be assured that the skill set of an Aveling representative is hard to beat.

Yes. Aveling Homes will provide you with a sketch and quotation without charge.

If you sign a Preliminary works agreement and then decide to cancel, or are forced to cancel due to a finance decline, then Aveling Homes will reconcile the costs that relate to the works performed and then provide you with a detailed statement.

Yes. Aveling Homes will allow you to make unlimited changes.

Yes. Aveling Homes will provide you with an optional price to have your home finished (turnkeyed). All you will need to do is move in.

Yes. Aveling Homes provides a 180-day fixed price on each of its homes. In that 180-day period, the home must have reached our construction department.

Yes. Subject to the relevant information being provided and signed off by our Building Manager. It is important to remember that owner supplied products are not insured under the Builder’s insurance policy.

Yes. Aveling Homes will allow you to nominate a specific tradesperson, subject to the completion and acceptance of the relevant documentation.

Yes. Aveling Homes has a specialist team that understands the challenges of building on a rear block. We will design your home in order to achieve the maximum living space and the optimal energy performance.

Yes. Aveling Homes will allow owner earthworks in semi-rural areas, subject to the completion and acceptance of the relevant documentation.

Yes. Aveling Homes encourages this practice and many of our clients do exactly that. We are very confident of our quality.

From slab down to practical completion, the average timeframe is under 52 weeks. This timeframe may vary up or down depending upon when your home is likely to go to site and what the current conditions are at that time.

Whilst we have previously built using both products, we now only use traditional solid double clay bricks.

No. Aveling Homes obtains all its products from Australian based suppliers and manufacturers who have a long-standing reputation of standing behind their warranties.

Yes. Aveling Homes, like every other registered builder in Western Australia is required to submit an insurance policy for your project when applying to the Local Shire for a building permit. Your security is insured.

Yes. Whilst some builders offer up to 6 months, Aveling Homes offers a full 12-month service warranty. This warranty takes care of the usual adjustment issues that occur in the first 12 months of a house having been built. i.e., minor cornice cracking, leaking taps, issues with garage doors etc.

Aveling Homes provides a lifetime structural warranty.