A Checklist for Building a New Home

Building a new home is very different from buying a readymade one. When you build, you need to take care of a lot more things. However, despite the stress and increased responsibility, you get a home that is exactly customised as per your requirements when you hire efficient new home builders Perth. Before starting to build, make sure that you go through a checklist of essentials.


Arrange the money

Money is one of the main criteria when you decide to build a home. Decide how much you can take out of your savings and how much finance you’ll need from the bank. Unlike buying a home, building requires much more planning because costs are not fixed.

Increase in the cost of building materials and other unexpected expenses can cause the construction cost to shoot up substantially. So, when you create a budget, leave a good margin for these unexpected expenses.


Land purchase

The first thing that you need to purchase is the land for construction. Decide upon the minimum area you require and check out various options. Register with real estate agents because they can show you properties that you might not find on your own. Secondly, you need to decide on the location.

Buy land in upcoming localities. This ensures that your investment is low while ensuring that the market value of the property will increase once the locality is fully developed. Real estate agents help you with the legal documentation such as ownership deeds, registration and permits for water lines, electricity and other such essentials.


Finding a good builder

You need to choose the best from among the many new home builders Perth. Consult with friends, family and acquaintances who have built homes in the city. A good builder can not only build a robust home for you, but also ensure minimum expenses. Real estate agents can also be a good source for finding reliable home builders.



You can either hire an architect for the job or hand over the responsibility to a home builder Perth WA. Usually, builders are syndicated with architects and other service providers such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

Talk to the builder about your requirements. Evaluate different plans from all perspectives before finalising one. Renovations and changes in the plan after the construction has begun will delay the process and increase expenses.

After the plan is finalised, Perth home builders draw up estimates and give you a detailed report. Go through the estimation report very carefully. You can approach an engineering consultancy to have a second opinion on the estimate. You also need to get the plan approved by the government department.

Once the construction begins, make sure that you keep track of every stage of work. Reliable new home builders Perth can take a lot of stress off you by handling the job efficiently.

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