Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

People in Perth and other areas of South Australia have had a change of mind with regard to real estate purchase. The preference these days is towards purchasing new build homes rather than used homes. So, what’s the reason behind this shift? People these days are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of buying new build homes. Most Perth Builders promote new homes as well. Although these homes cost more, the benefits make the purchase worth every dollar you invest on it.first-home

New fittings

The biggest benefit of buying a new home is that all fixtures and fittings in it are new. So, you don’t have to deal with salt lined pipes, weak doors, leaking taps or burnt electric circuits.

You save a lot of trouble because you don’t have to put in further investment into changing or repairing various elements of the home. Moreover, since they are new, fittings last longer and reduce the home’s maintenance costs in the initial years. If you buy early in the construction stage, you can ask a builder to install fittings of your choice.

Structural stability

A new home comes with new structural elements. For example, if the home has wooden floor, you do not have to worry about rotting, moth eaten and crumbling boards. The wood used in other structural elements is stronger as well. Concrete in the walls is strong and does not yield to seepage. In short, you are free of all problems that accompany an old home.

Energy efficiency

The trend of green architecture and building is really big in the present day. So, most builders have adopted green ways of building homes. These homes come equipped with energy efficient appliances, good ventilation and light and natural climate control inclusions that reduce the energy consumed by the home as a whole.

By investing in such homes, you not only save money on energy bills but also do your bit towards environment conservation.

Financial aid

In a bid to encourage investment in new homes, the state government of South Australia has announced grants for all prospective buyers. While first time buyers can obtain a grant of up to $15,000, others are eligible for $8,500 grant. So, buying a new home reduces financial burden to some extent.

You can cut down on the loan you take for the home, which in turn leads to long term money saving because you save on interests every month. Several home builder Perth companies offer special discounts and easy installment schemes for new homes.

In addition, most of the Perth builders follow the latest trends of construction. So, you get a trendy home. If you ever need to sell the home in the future, you get a higher price for a new home than an old home even if you renovate it. Considering the many benefits, new homes are definitely worth investing in.