Please note that all time frames are measured in working days only.

Therefore if a figure of 20 weeks is quoted then we are stating a time frame of 100 working days. Public holidays and weekends are not deemed to be working days.

When specifying “construction time frames” builders are referring to the time that it takes “from the setting of the house slab to the first handover inspection “. The time frame for single storey brick homes is usually between 20 weeks and 30 weeks, two storey brick homes take between 40 and 50 weeks and SKINNIES take approximately 20 weeks. The actual time will depend upon the size of the home, the general state of the housing industry and of course the weather.

Therefore when asking a sales consultant from any company about construction timeframes please be aware that the consultant can only tell you the average time frame based upon the previous 12 months of work. No one can predict the future.

Please keep in mind that any timeframe quoted will not take into consideration the Christmas and New Year’s closure. On average, the Western Australian building industry closes for approximately 4 weeks during this period. Therefore if you have been quoted 22 weeks then you will need to add 4 weeks for the Christmas and New Year’s closure period.

It is also important to remember that a builder must obtain a building licence before it can begin the construction phase of the project. The builder cannot apply for a building licence unless you have been issued with a land title that is in your name. Once the builder has received the building licence it can then schedule in the earthworks followed by the pouring of the slab.

Aveling Homes will not engage trades people who are known to be sub-standard in order to “speed” up your construction times. Aveling Homes will always balance time with quality.