You’ve outgrown your family home and are looking to build elsewhere. Or have the kids flown the coop and you’re downsizing? Either way, it’s an exciting proposition – but selling your home and moving from your local area is a pretty serious decision to make.

Not only have you established some fantastic relationships with your neighbours, the kids have all their friends nearby, there are schools, the local shops, cafes, restaurants, parks – it’s all familiar territory – and with Aveling Homes you can stay in the place you know and love while still enjoying the benefits and excitement of creating your beautiful new home.

Aveling Homes is your Perth based demolish and build specialist. Collectively, we have helped literally hundreds of Perth families who are in the same situation as you – and over the years we have refined a managed demolish and build process that means you’ll enjoy a simple, stress-free transition from your old home to creating the new home of your dreams.

Single storey homes built to order

At Aveling Homes, we’re all about providing the ultimate in design and construction flexibility.

Every one of our clients is different.

They all have different tastes, different budgets, different size families and different wish-lists when it comes to creating their new home.

It’s why we provide such a huge range of design, construction and specification options.

This includes single-storey homes, double-storey homes, strata homes and unit developments, homes for wide blocks and homes for tight blocks, traditional double clay brick homes and innovative framed homes.

Whilst we have been amongst the leaders in single storey construction for a long time we are now witnessing more and more Perth home owners who are choosing to demolish and build a new home as a result of our experience and expertise in design and construction.

Not only have we created some truly stunning homes in many of Perth’s established suburbs, we’ve also built display homes in suburbs such as Melville, Gwelup, Dianella and Ellenbrook.

In fact, our homes are so highly regarded, our CEO Michael Aveling was invited to build the Appealathon Home in the riverside suburb of Waterford.

Whether you are price-conscious and building on a budget or if you’re looking to create something truly opulent, Aveling Homes has constructed homes from $200,000 to over $800,000.

You will save tens of thousands of dollars – if not more

From a financial perspective, demolishing your old home and building with Aveling Homes will save you tens of thousands of dollars – if not more!

By staying where you are, not only will you preserve the valuable equity in your land, you will avoid having to pay Stamp Duty and other associated costs.

And you won’t be paying a real estate agent’s commission or conveyancing fees either.

Just take a minute to consider these costs and you’ll appreciate why the demolish and build option makes such financial sense.

Seriously, the money you’ll save on Stamp Duty alone means you can build a bigger, better new home on your existing block of land.

Demolish and build in 5 easy steps

Step 1. Planning meeting

We’ll meet with you on site so that we can understand your new home goals and begin the process of formulating a plan for your future residence.

Often during this first meeting, our clients let us know what features of their current property may wish to retain.

These can include a pool, trees or perimeter walls.

Step 2. Survey and engineer’s report

Once we have a clear understanding of the project’s scope and an appreciation of your specific requirements, we will arrange for your property to be professionally surveyed.

This process gives us the information we need for considerations such as earthworks, retaining requirements and access to utility services.

We will also provide you with an engineer’s report that outlines your project’s feasibility.

What’s more, if you decide at this point in the process that you don’t wish to proceed, we’ll provide you with these reports.

Step 3. Demolition quotes and approvals

We then source quotes on your behalf and provide you with the most cost-effective solution for demolishing your old home and preparing your land for your new home build.

At the same time, we prepare all paperwork and submit it to your local council for relevant approvals.

Step 4. New home design

Well before the demolition commences, we will begin the new home design process based on your brief.

And with Aveling Homes, having your new home custom designed won’t cost you a cent extra.

Alternatively, we have around one hundred new home designs that you can choose from – and you’re welcome to make all the changes you want so that your new home is exactly what want.

Step 5. Demolish and build

Once your existing home has been demolished and earthworks are completed, construction will commence and your dream home will begin to take shape.

The finish will be stunning and before you know it you’ll be moving into the home you’ve always wished for while still being in the location that you and your family have grown to love.

We are pioneers in the Pre-Start selections process

The one thing we’re not is a run of the mill project home builder.

More and more discerning clients are coming to us for premium quality custom-style homes that are finished to a very, very high specification.

These clients have very high expectations of customer service and attention to detail and they also expect the absolute best technology be available to them during their new home journey.

That’s why we created the industry-first Online Selection Centre for you to make all your Pre-Start Selections for your new home.

This web-based platform couldn’t possibly be any easier and it will save you time take the stress out of deciding on the perfect new home finish.

While other builders will give you product catalogues and paint colour brochures, the Aveling Homes Online Selection Centre allows you to choose all your colours, finishes, appliances, tapware and accessories from either your phone, tablet or computer – anywhere, any time.

The service you demand and the quality you expect

When you choose to demolish and build with Aveling Homes, our exceptional customer service and superior quality construction will exceed your expectations.

The service we offer, the products we supply, the construction we complete and the after-sales attention we provide are all centred around our mission to make your new home experience unforgettable for all the right reasons.