Moving Into Your First Home

The transition from renting to owning your first home is an exciting one but it can also be an intimidating experiencing. What are some things to keep in mind for the big move?

Family with moving home

The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is where you and your partner will spend a lot of time preparing meals. While you may spend more time in other areas of the home, kitchen fixtures and appliances are difficult to replace. It’s a good idea to invest a bit up front in nice appliances, a bench top and splash back, and other aspects that can’t be taken out or put in easily.

You can spend a lot of money on a widescreen TV that would be out of date by this time next year, or invest in a quality fridge that will serve you well for years down the line.

Make Your Bed

Whether you realize it or not, most people spend a third of their lives in bed. A quality bed is one of the few pieces that can actually impact your long term health as well, impacting your quality of sleep and your posture.

Like kitchen appliances, beds are difficult to move in and out of the house so getting a good bed is a good idea. They also take up a great of space and become the centerpiece of the room. Spending the money and some time to get a nice bed that fits the room well will be worth it.

Hide a Spare Key

It seems like it will never happen to you until the day it does. When you are renting a home and get locked out, you can always get a spare from the landlord. But when you buy a home, you are essentially on your own.

As soon as you get your keys, make sure to get them copied. Hiding a spare in a secure location may seem unimportant on move-in day but later down the line, you will be extremely glad that you did especially if you have a tendency to forget things.

Know Your Neighborhood

To be truly happy in your new home, you will have to spend some time outside of it. Take a walk around in the evening or take a bike ride on the weekend. The slower place lets you take in all the sights and sounds, as well as all the small shops you miss while racing to work in the mornings.

Get involved with the community. Pay attention to signs and posters tacked on poles or shops. Visit local restaurants and cafes and soak in the local vibe. Get involved with local events and classes through community centers, gyms and schools. If you’ve chosen your neighborhood well, it should be an area with demographics and amenities that suit your lifestyle. It’s just a matter of getting out there into the thick of it.

These days getting to know the coolest places in a new neighborhood is easier than ever. Restaurant review sites like Yelp, Eatability and Urbanspoon make it easy to check out the best rated places to eat, get a coffee, work out, or practically anything else you can think of. These websites usually have mobile apps for your iPhone as well to make it easy to explore on the go.

We hope this simple has helped you understand a few of the important steps for your first move-in. If you have any questions about moving in to your first home or the home buying process, talk to one of the friendly representatives at First Home Owners Centre today at (08) 6144 1088.

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