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    Once you have signed the completed Pre-Construction Contract (PCC), your New Home Sales Consultant will then submit your job file for sign off. Your house file will not be activated until we have received your PCC Fee. Upon receipt of the fee, the works as outlined in the Pre-Contract agreement will commence.

    Following the allocation of your personal job number, your file will then be logged into the Drafting Department where it is placed into a queue.

  • Engineers site inspection report and site survey

    The engineers inspection report is conducted by an external company that specialises in this field. This is the industry standard in Western Australia. The engineers report indicates to the builder the classification of the soil content (does it have clay, limestone, rock or peat in the soil) as well as providing the wind rating for your lot location.

    The site survey, or ‘contour survey’ as it is often referred to, is conducted by an external company that specialises in this field. This is the industry standard in Western Australia. The site survey indicates to the builder where the main services such as power, water and sewer are located, the existence of any retaining walls, the existence of vegetation such as trees, the height levels between your lot and those adjoining lots, where the North point is located for energy efficiency and so on.

    As with all builders we rely upon external operators for these types of professional services and as such we are dependant upon their turn around times. Upon receipt of the two reports Aveling Homes will then add these reports to your file which is logged in at our Drafting Department.

  • Drawings

    Once the working drawings have been drawn they are then re-checked. It’s one of the little differences with Aveling Homes. When the working drawings have been re-checked they will then be sent out for an energy efficiency certification. This complies with the 6 Star Rating System that is now in place in Western Australia.

  • Siteworks quotes

    The checked working drawings are now ready to be quoted on for site works. As we are dependant upon external professional contractors this process can take up to 10 working days.

  • Contract documentation issued

    Having received the final site works quotations your file is then sent to the Contracts Department where the ‘contract documents’ are prepared. Once completed these documents are then issued to you. You will receive a builder’s copy, a finance copy and a client copy.

  • Finance application

    With contracts in hand you should then provide a copy to your Finance Broker or Finance Lender

  • Contract documentations signed and returned

    You should sign the ‘builders’ copy and return that set to Aveling Homes as soon as possible.

  • Water Corporation approval

    With final plans in hand Aveling Homes will now submit your plans to the Water Corporation for approval.

  • Developers approval

    In most cases we are required to seek developer approval from the Land Developer that sold you the land. This is to ensure that we have complied with the Restrictive Covenants, Design Guidelines, Detailed Area Plan requirements and any other issues as outlined in your land sale contract.

  • Shire lodgement

    In accordance with the new Building Act, Aveling Homes is now in a position to submit your plans to Shire in order to seek a building permit. This process is conducted in two stages:

    Stage one: Submission of all documents to our private building surveyor for BCA approval. This process can take up to 5 working days.

    Stage two: Upon receipt of the BCA approval, the certified documents are submitted to the Local Authority for a building permit. This process can take up to 10 working days.

  • Pre-start meeting

    The purpose of this meeting is to advise Aveling Homes of your selections. Selections such as roof colour, bench top and cupboard facing colours, tiles, paint colours, changes to your standard electrical plan or product upgrades such as tapware changes. Prestart is not designed to address structural changes and this should be addressed in the earlier stages of the process.

  • Final client copies signed and returned

    Aveling Homes will amend your working drawings and inclusions to reflect your Prestart meeting. These final documents will then be sent to you for signing. You should sign and return these final contract documents as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

  • Finance approval and land settlement

    Your file is now subject to Aveling Homes receiving your unconditional finance approval and a land title showing the owners of the land match the parties on the contract.

  • Shire approval

    With all of the boxes ticked Aveling Homes is now waiting on a building permit so that it can book your job into the Construction Department.

  • Construction commencement

    With all approvals in hand the Construction Department is now in a position to schedule your earthworks.