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Termite-Proof Your Dream Home in Perth: Say Goodbye to Termites 

A family sitting on a sofa that represents the termite proof house blog.

Imagine this: You’ve finally moved into your dream home. You are feeling like a boss, strutting around in your new robe, and sipping champagne like you’re in a 2002 rap video.

You are convinced that nothing could go wrong. But little did you know, some annoying intruders in your new home are plotting to turn your dreams into a nightmare. We’re not talking about your in-laws; we’re talking about termites – the ultimate party crashers who will “munch through” your home like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Let’s face it, nobody wants to share their home with a bunch of tiny wood-eating monsters, no matter how fancy their robes are.

The benefits of an Aveling Home mean you don’t have to deal with these nasty little cretins, thanks to our Termimesh Stainless Steel Termite Barrier and Termite Protection System that come standard with every home we build.

If you’re thinking about building, it is essential to have termite protection. Otherwise, you’re rolling the dice on the following not-so-nice scenarios.

1. Hollow Wood

Do you ever tap on your walls and hear an echo? If so, it might not be your secret dance party skills making the noise. Termites love to eat wood, and when they do, they create little tunnels that can make your walls sound like an empty drum! 

2. Lost and Found Wings

Imagine if you and all your friends suddenly grew wings, flew around for a bit, and then just dropped them on the ground like it was no big deal. That’s what termites do during their mating season! If you find little wings around your house, it might mean the termites are trying to set up shop. 

3. Mud Tubes

Termites are not very good at asking for directions. So, they make their roads using mud and wood. They build these little tunnels, called mud tubes, to travel between their homes and food (aka your house). If you see these mud tubes, it’s like a giant “Welcome!” sign for termites. 

4. Wavy Walls

Have you ever seen a funhouse mirror that made you look all wavy and distorted? Well, that’s what termites can do to your walls. They chew on the wood, causing it to become warped and wavy. So, if your walls look like they are doing the twist, it might be time to call in the exterminators. 

5. Poo-Pocalypse

Finally, let’s talk about termite poop. Yes, you read that right. Termites create little droppings, called frass, which look like tiny wood-coloured pellets. If you see piles of these little pellets around your house, it could mean that the termites are partying a little too hard in your walls. 

Termite Damages on Your Home

Remember, termites might seem like tiny, harmless insects, but they can do some serious damage to your home. For additional information regarding Termite Barrier and Termite Protection System, contact a professional home builder now.