The Best Perth House and Land Packages: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

A house and land package can be a solid investment, and can provide you with a significant return if you decide to sell the property at a later date. With so many home developers offering this service in Western Australia, it can be difficult to know which company to opt for. Here are some tips when searching for the best Perth house and land packages, and the things you will need to consider when building your own home for the first time.


What is a home and land package?

In short, a house and land package includes a plot of land, as well as a new home on which it will be built. These packages can work out to be cheaper than purchasing a new home and plot of land separately, and you could generate a profit if you choose the right area of Perth to build the home.


What is an “off the plan” home?

One of the most popular type of packages is known as “off the plan”, which will consist of a pre-built home and plot of land. You will be able to choose a home depending on your particular preferences, for example a certain number of bedrooms. Many companies also charge extra for various finishes to the home, and although these will depend on the developer, can range from certain window and door designs, or flooring. Try and do your research and compare as many different home developers in Perth as you can before deciding on a particular package. Remember, larger homes may cost more but could generate a profit in the long run if there is a strong demand for these type of properties. Luxury homes are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in certain areas of the city. These can be designed for working professionals and are usually equipped with the latest features and design trends.


How much does a land home package cost?

The price of the package will depend on various factors, such as the home developer, the area of the city in which the property will be built, and the size of the home. Remember, you will need to provide a down-payment on the home – usually around 5% – although you may not need to pay this until the home has been completed. Homes in Perth will need to be built to strict regulations on the state, local, and federal level, and many companies will inform you about any restrictions when building your home before you sign-up to a package.


What is a display home?

A display home or display village gives you an opportunity to see a finished property which has been fully-furnished, which can give you an idea of what the finished product will be. As the home will be built from scratch, it’s always a good idea to visit a display home first, and you can then decide if there are any additional design features that you want to incorporate into the structure. Remember that you will need to make sure the home fits your particular requirements before it is built, as many companies will not allow you to