Things To Be Aware Of When Hiring House Builders Perth

Family posing in new home

Building a new home is a first for many people and that is why everyone is going to take their time in order to research and then choose the best house builders perth for their project. While you may have read a bit about what it takes and what you need to keep in mind before hiring a home builder, you may find that the info below is going to clear a lot of confusion and help you take a more informed decision.

Assemble a list of builders

The first step you need to take when wanting to build a home is to assemble a list of house builders and then call each of them to see if they can take on and complete your project as per your expectations. For instance, you can ask if they can take on projects of your size, the number of projects they’ll be working on concomitantly, if they can offer you a list of past clients and if they’re willing to provide you with a list of financial references (from banks or suppliers).


Interview and choose

Now it’s time that you pick up the phone and start interviewing the builders. Ask the aforementioned questions ( add more if you like) and see what each of them answers and how well you can communicate with them. Home builders need to answer all of your questions in a way that gives you peace of mind and makes you feel confident they can do a good job if you award them the project.

Communicating well with a builder is very important, since this professional is going to spend a few hours in your house at a time. He may have a great personality, but that doesn’t mean that you need to take everything at face value. Do a bit of research and ensure that the builder doesn’t have a history of disputes with subcontractors or clients.

Short list

At this point you have already managed to create a short list of the best house builders perth who seem to have a great work ethic and a clean track record. If the contractor you want to go with is conscientious, then he will not only want to get an idea of the amount of money you want to invest in this project, but also a full list of blueprints. For the bid comparison process to be simpler, you need to ask the builders to break down the cost of labour, materials, other expenses and of course, profit margins. Most of the times, the cost of materials is going to be around 40% of the project’s cost, while the rest of the money is going to cover the profit margin and the overhead.

Payment schedule

You can easily gauge a builder’s work ethic and financial status when it comes to making a payment schedule. For instance, if a builder requires that you pay 50% of the project’s cost upfront, then they may be worried you won’t pay the rest after you’ve seen the work or they may actually have financial problems.

If the project is large, then the schedule generally starts with 10% when the contract is signed, followed by 3 payments of 25% each spaced evenly over the project’s entire timeframe and 15% when you as the investor (buyer) are satisfied with everything. Don’t forget to put everything in writing as well, starting with the payment schedule and all the way to the project’s start-completion date, materials to be used and so forth.