Creating a Coherent Home

The power of neutrals

Neutrals are a great base colour to work with because they can be used to accent any colour you wish to employ. So if your partner likes blue and you prefer orange, you can create different accents in different rooms while maintaining a coherent neutral colour base.

Consider Dulux’s Ecru, Natural White or Hog Bristle for walls, while adding colour with cushions, vases, artwork and floor rugs.

Art for everyone

Nothing expresses individualism like a good piece of art – and the best part is that you can achieve your desired impact while complementing the existing colour scheme.

Consider adding canvas prints, frame assortments, kids’ art, oversized clocks, monochrome photographs, nautical maps and sculptures to your home’s artistic repertoire. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, make your own.

Add touches of timber

There is something warm, elegant and completely homely about natural timber. Create a coherent environment by adding classic timber furniture pieces throughout your home. Consider a Tasmanian oak entertainment unit, a timber chest or a dining suite in timeless mahogany.

Another great advantage of using timber is that it transcends age and gender. This means it generally suits the styles of men and women, as well as kids.

Highlight each other’s interests

Use each other’s interests as the inspiration for your decorating ideas. For the musician in your life, guitars and brass instruments can make effective wall sculptures. Sheet music in frames can look great as well as classic.

Meanwhile, timber boating oars can make a great wall feature, and boating accessories like anchors, wheels, ropes and bells can be used to create a subtle nautical theme.

Femininity can be expressed with fresh-flower arrangements and scented candles, while a love of animals can be integrated using faux-fur cushions, animal-print rugs or a large fish tank – making a fabulous conversation piece for guests.

Whatever your style, there is a way to find elements that work together to create a coherent and unified space that you can both enjoy.