Dispute Resolution For New Home Builds

Throughout the home building process there are numerous touch points. These touch points include your;

  • Sales Agent
  • Contract Liaison Consultant
  • Pre Start Consultant
  • Supervisor
  • Accounts Department contact
  • After handover service contact

On some occasions issues do arise. What is important, is how do we resolve these issues if and when they arise.

Aveling Homes will always revert to the documentation that has been “signed” between the client and the company. As such it is important that our clients always read and understand what it is they are signing. Our documentation is legally compliant.

The pre-construction contract paperwork that you sign with your sales agent will clearly state what is included in the design that you are intending to build with Aveling Homes.

The next contract to be signed is the Lump Sum building contract. The HIA provided contract that we use is compliant with the 1991 Home Building Contracts Act.

The onus is always on the client to ensure that the paperwork that they sign meets their understanding of what is to be included in their new home.

In the event of an issue arising please email customerservice@avelinghomes.com.au with an outline of the issue at hand. Attaching any signed documentation that assists in the resolution of an issue is very beneficial. Your concerns will then be directed to the appropriate Manager.

Should the issue not be able to be resolved then all consumers do have access to the Building Commission of Western Australia. This body is in place to ensure that builders and consumers comply with their legal requirements when it comes to building works.

The Building Commission will also require all of the relevant documentation that is intended to be used in order to support the position of the client or the home builder.

Alternatively you can contact the Department of Commerce on 1300 304 054

Please note that whilst Aveling Homes is a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), this organisation has no legal authority when it comes to a dispute between a builder and a consumer.

If your particular issue is site works related then please refer to the following link on this website prior to lodging your complaint;


If your intention is to cancel your agreement with Aveling Homes please read the following information at;


At Aveling Homes we wish to be as clear as possible so that our clients enjoy their Aveling Homes experience.