The Midland Brick Pearl Face Bricks Range

The Pearl Range is one of the latest clay brick releases from Midland Brick and features a predominately smooth face with a subtle cut finish. The result is a distinctive texture that is full of life, with clean contemporary lines and an even monochromatic colour. Available in five modern colours, the Pearl Range will add individuality and flare to your newly built home – whether it’s used for feature walls, blade walls or entire elevations.

Take this landscape project for example, using Copper Pearl bricks in landscape design:

These days, bricks and pavers can be used for so much more than just walls and paths! Bricks and pavers offer a palette of colours and textures like few other products. For example, in this jaw-dropping designer home bricks have been introduced as a key element to achieve the look and character of the contemporary 1960s theme – an era which featured an abundance of face brickwork.

Midland Brick face bricks such as Copper Pearl and standard Commons were used in the landscaping of this home and brought an urban, modern, inner city feel to the design. The brickwork was used to accent feature walls and courtyard spaces and to give a nod to the 1960s.