Tips for Buying a Newly Built Home

Family posing in new home

Real estate developers are going full throttle in advertising the properties they develop. They come up with attractive offers, instalment schemes, incentives and gifts that are tough to resist. However, if you do not evaluate the Perth new homes from all perspectives, you could end up with a very raw and unsatisfactory deal. You can make the right choice by keeping certain aspects in mind.

Hire a qualified engineer to inspect the property before purchase

Newly built homes can have a number of problems such as thin walls, improper flooring, unfinished walls and several other structural snags. A qualified engineer can see through these snags and advise you on the wisdom of purchase.

Additionally, carry out a complete inspection of all doors and windows to check whether they close properly. Examine wardrobes. Check out bathroom fittings. See if all electrical points work.

Essentially, check the entire new home Perth before purchasing.


If you find snags, request the developer or owner to get the home repaired before you buy it. Many developers of Perth new homes offer one to ten years’ warranty on the property. Buy home from a developer who offers warranty.

Check out the real value of property

Do not be taken by the cost of property offered by the developer. Approach a real estate agency, other builders or real estate registration office to get the property appraised. Armed with the real value, you can bargain for new builds Perth that impress you, and strike a better deal.

Negotiate alterations

If you are looking to purchase a newly built home, you might have to make certain compromises since all fittings and fixtures are already done. For example, although a home might be perfect for you, you might not like the carpet in the living room or it might not gel well with your furniture.

In such cases, talk to the developer and see if changes can be incorporated. Talk to other service providers and compare prices. If the developer charges more than another service provider, you might not want to depend on the developer.

Track record of the developer

Before you buy a home, check out the reputation of the developer. Are his previous constructions robust or have they developed cracks and leaks? Have there been serious damages owing to structural instability? Look into the developer’s portfolio and contact some of his clients to enquire about the state of their homes.


If you are a busy person, do not buy a home that requires too much maintenance. Contemporary homes that are easy to maintain might be your best choice. Evaluate the amount of maintenance required before making the final decision.

Finally, let the experts negotiate the finances. Builders and real estate agents help you get good loans on Perth new homes. So, consider various factors and buy a satisfactory home.