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Aveling Homes has a series of specification finishes or "ranges" to choose from. You can select one or all of the ranges in your quest to find the right home. It's your choice!
Aveling Homes is pleased to announce our Top Ten Selling Designs. Each design allows you to change it to suit your personal requirements and by asking your consultant you maybe eligible for $9,000 of extras for only $990
Promotional spec homes offer added extras above the standard inclusions from 31c ceilings throughout to 20mm stone benchtops and many more.
Standard spec homes have a high quality range of primary inclusions which are the same across all designs.
Display homes have been exclusively built by Aveling Homes in land estates around Perth and the South West region. These homes offer quality specifications throughout which can be seen at any of our current display locations.
Luxury homes provide the ultimate inclusions from 31c ceilings to all internal rooms and alfresco, spa bath to ensuite, full house render, stacker doors to alfresco and 30mm stone benchtop plus many more exclusive features.
Luxury homes provide the ultimate inclusions from 31c ceilings to all internal rooms and alfresco, spa bath to ensuite, full house render, stacker doors to alfresco and 30mm stone benchtop plus many more exclusive features.


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January 23, 2013

Tips for Buying a Home and Land Package

Home is among the top items of every Australian’s wish list. When it comes to house and land package, Perth offers a lot of choices. The first step is to select land in a location and size that suits your home and budget. You can collect preliminary information on the Internet and then hire a …

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Tips for Buying House and Land Packages

This real estate trend seems to be a good idea, although most of them ought to come with a warning label about the developer’s terms and conditions. These packages are nothing but lands put on the market before the construction of the homes begin. There are a couple of different ways that these Perth land …

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A Guide to Buying Your First Home

Buying your first new home is always a very exciting prospect. However, your excitement might turn into a nightmare if you do not make the right choice. So, when you look for homes for sale in Perth, you need to have a personal checklist and evaluate the property depending on your liking as well as …

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Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

People in Perth and other areas of South Australia have had a change of mind with regard to real estate purchase. The preference these days is towards purchasing new build homes rather than used homes. So, what’s the reason behind this shift? People these days are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of buying new …

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Tips for Buying a Newly Built Home

Real estate developers are going full throttle in advertising the properties they develop. They come up with attractive offers, instalment schemes, incentives and gifts that are tough to resist. However, if you do not evaluate the Perth new homes from all perspectives, you could end up with a very raw and unsatisfactory deal. You …

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A Checklist for Building a New Home

Building a new home is very different from buying a readymade one. When you build, you need to take care of a lot more things. However, despite the stress and increased responsibility, you get a home that is exactly customised as per your requirements when you hire efficient new home builders Perth. Before starting to …

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Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a New Home

Once the ‘I want to buy a house’ bug has bit you, it’s really quite difficult to stop pouring over the property section in newspapers constantly and driving down to all corners of the city trying to locate your dream home. Of course, buying a new home means making sure your finances are in order …

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New Home Trends – Most Popular Features

There is a surge of new build homes in Australia. When it comes to a home for sale Perth, buyers have become smarter. McMansions and costly fixtures that were once must-haves are losing popularity. The home buyers are looking for houses that are trendy and utilitarian.
Multi-taskers in demand
When it comes to …

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Tailor a Custom Home for your Lifestyle

Have you ever had an outfit tailored just for you? You determine the fit, the color, the way accessories are displayed and accentuated. You know that this is just for you and it is custom made for your needs!
Make your Dream a Reality
Luxury Home Developments are a more permanent and rewarding way …

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Home Building Options – Service or DIY?

Building a custom home is a dream for many people, especially for the first time home buyer. Unfortunately, if they are unprepared for the possible additional costs involved or the sudden changes in budget, it can be a very stressful and costly one. Planning and budgeting beforehand is paramount, and knowing the process involved …

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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Approved For a Home Loan

If you are like most Australians, buying a home means borrowing from a financial institution to finance the purchase. But how can you maximise your chances of being approved for your first home loan? Here are tips to get you on the right track towards homeownership.
Start Saving
If you are seriously considering …

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How Much Can You Afford to Spend on a Home?

You are in the market for a house but are not sure what you can afford to buy. It’s tempting to make up a figure that sounds reasonable, but spending some time to figure out what you can really afford will pay off dividends down the line and make your first home buymuch smoother.

Moving Into Your First Home

The transition from renting to owning your first home is an exciting one but it can also be an intimidating experiencing. What are some things to keep in mind for the big move?

The Heart of the Home
The kitchen is where you and your partner will spend a lot of time preparing …

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Overview of Pre-Approved Home Loans

When it comes to buying a home, getting the home loan is one of the most essential steps yet also the most confusing. Homeowners are constantly faced with questions such as:


How much can I borrow?
Will my loan application be accepted?
What are the lenders looking at?
How much do I …

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Property as an Investment Strategy

Buying property is more than buying a home. It’s also making an investment in your future wealth. Besides providing shelter for you and your family, a home is a financial asset. Unlike rent, making monthly mortgage payments is building equity, not throwing money down the drain.
Benefits of Homeownership
Many people think of property …

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Saving on Your Home Loan

Everyone knows to save up for a home loan, but what about saving on the home loan itself? Is it possible to get a “cheap” loan? While loans aren’t a regular product like a cup of a coffee or car, different terms and features can make a loan more expensive or cheaper over time.

Should You Buy New, Established or Off The Plan?

Owning your first home is a major step and an aspiration for many. One of the biggest decisions is what type of property to purchase. Each option has their advantages and disadvantages that home buyers should be familiar with first before making a final decision.
The following is an overview of the three common …

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What Are Low-Doc Loans?

Low-Doc loans are loans for borrowers who are unable to provide all the documentation needed for a regular home loan. These loans generally carry higher interest rates, but for the self employed, or the newly immigrated, they can provide much-needed financing in the absence of other options.
A normal home loan requires tax returns, …

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What is a Construction Loan?

When buying an established home, a regular home loan is used. The entire lump sum is drawn initially to pay for the house when the contract is signed and the balance of the loan is paid off over time by the home buyer. Regular home loans are in this regards fairly straightforward and beneficial to …

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What to Consider When Buying a Home

There’s plenty to think about when buying a home for you and your family. It can seem overwhelming at times, but a few key factors will make the biggest impact on how happy you will be with your first property. The following are factors to take into consideration when buying a home.

Like …

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What to Look For in Your First Home

Buying a home can be a big undertaking but the rewards are well worth it. What aspects should you pay attention to and look for? The following is an overview of what first time home buyers should look for when looking for a new home.

A first home is one of the …

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